Photo Credit: Zachary David

Afsoon, 9,999 km
"Equality and justice are not abstract goals. Our difference cannot detract from what we have in common."

Photo credits: Private

Benjamin, 2,264 km
“Building a home is something you do. You actively pursue that.”
Haris Estrada, 3,469 km
"When I decided come to live in Canada, I faced the fear of the unknown, starting from scratch in a country with a different language..."
James, 12,026 km
"I believe the story of everyone who is or was once a refugee entails resilience and I bring this to every country I go to."
Martina, 7,079 km
"My new environment inspired me to pursue a path focused on elevating the status quo for everyone."

Photo credit: Peter Markowski

Nhung, 11,358 km
"Perhaps in forty years, we can look back and say that, in this one moment in time, we did make Canada and the world a little bit better."
Nishal, 15,836 km
"I came here with 100 dollars and now I have my own house. Even though I left, I still love Mauritius; the land where I was born."
Inas and Murat, 8,901 km
"I think we will both be able to pick up our lives again where the war interrupted them."
Maisam, 10,441 km
"To serve the poor people wherever they are is as important to me as to serve my own people in Afghanistan."
Chaker, 9,173 km
"I hope my experience means that refugees can say: 'I can do it too'.”
Muhammed and Haneen
"My dream is to offer my wife the wedding party she never had in Syria. All I want is to make her happy."

Photo credit: IOM/Jennifer Sparks - Muse Mohammed

"Arabs have a lot of potential, but no opportunities to develop their skills in their home countries. I hope to have that chance in Canada."
Farah & Suzy, 8,913 km
"Canada will allow us to move on with our lives without fear. I can’t tell you how much it will mean to feel secure again."

Photo credit: IOM/Jennifer Sparks - Muse Mohammed

Tony, 9,396 km
"We want Canadians to know that we are like them; we can work and be productive too. All we want is a peaceful life.”
"100 years ago, my people had to flee Turkey to Syria for safety. Now, my brother and I are immigrating to Canada for safety."
"Today, the lives of 13 people fit into one suitcase apiece.This is what life has become for us. A journey."
Siba, 8,848 km
"Canada will make life a bit easier. I will be able to offer a bright future to my children but also to myself."
Avedis, 8,595 km
“Life in Canada promises me values I hold dear: freedom of speech and conscience, multiculturalism, social justice and equality."
Asmaa, 9,380 km
“My friends tell me not to hesitate – moving to Canada will be the best thing that ever happened to us.”
Edy, 9,380 km
"I hope to continue my studies but the thing I look forward to the most is being able to express myself freely."