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“The support I received helped me to feel more useful at home and more participative to my community.”
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Beqir lives with his parents and his older sister in the vicinity of Cerrik. Cerrik is a small built town that developed in communist Albania’s 60’s around an oil refinery plant, which today lies abandoned at the entrance of the town. The nearest biggest urban centre is Elbasan, only 15 km away, but it takes almost one hour by car to reach it because of the road conditions. Beqir attends his last year of high school. He should have been graduated but he skipped a year when he was 17 to spend several months in Molfetta, a small town close to Bari, Italy.

Beqir doesn’t have great memories of Molfetta and the period he spent in Italy. He was hosted in a community centre for unaccompanied minors at which he could only go out with his peers a few hours a day.

At home in Albania, his father takes care of the family’s small farm. They also have a greenhouse full of lettuce and spinach built by Beqir and his father with the support of IOM office in Tirana.

In the mornings, Beqir’s mother goes to the downtown market to sell fresh vegetables. Through the reintegration grant, Beqir’s family bought the materials to build the greenhouse and the seeds for the first sowing. The greenhouse gives the family a steady monthly income.

“IOM’s support helped me to feel more useful at home and more participative to my community.”

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