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"I want to feel useful for the society I live in. But I like when a person gets integrated and yet keeps their national identity."
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Syrian Arab Republic

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Daniel came from Syria to Belarus for university studies in 2006. Daniel’s father advised him to choose Belarus to continue his education based on his own experience, as he studied at the Agricultural Academy in Gorki in the times of USSR and now has good memories of the country and the quality of education.

“I didn’t think about moving to Belarus and studying at Belarusian National Technical University for a long time and had made my decision very quickly. Only when I was already on the board of the plane did I realize that there’s no way back.”

Upon arrival Daniel got quite a controversial impression of Belarus, as he didn't know Russian, so he had some difficulties dealing with everyday issues. “In the beginning, I thought people are not really friendly here but the more I got to know Belarusian people, the more I understood that the first impression was deceitful. I started to feel far more comfortable here, when I finally learned Russian.”

Daniel has his own small company called 'Dear' specialized in construction and interior design. He also gives lectures on architecture at the Belarusian National Technical University. “I want to feel useful for the society I live in. I didn't want to be another Syrian coming here and opening a cafe or restaurant with a national cuisine. I feel pleased when buildings I have designed reflect both European and Syrian cultures. When teaching my students I also tell them about certain technologies that are used in Syria in the field of construction design, which will possibly be reflected in future buildings of my students.

In Syria people are more open and know a lot about each other even though they’re not relatives, friends or good acquaintances, in Belarus people are more reluctant to talk a lot about themselves.

[…] I like when migration processes are natural and when a person coming to a new country gets integrated into the society and at the same time keeps their national identity.”

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