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"I would develop tourism here, so more foreigners come and get to know this wonderful country."
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“I came from Cuba to Minsk with my parents five years ago, as my mother was assigned to work in Belarus. My mother worked in Algeria before that and my father and I had joined her. Each new move we made was mainly based on my mothers work placement.

I’m a very curious person and I wasn’t afraid of having a new life at a new place surrounded by new people. I’m always eager to learn more about new countries and cultures. In Algeria, because of my appearance, everyone thought I was Algerian and was very surprised to know that I don’t know Arabic. I enjoyed discovering that interesting country, I realized its traditions were influenced by the French culture. 

Now I’m married to a Belarusian man and I study here; I love Belarus. Before coming here, I thought “What can people do there without the sea? What does snow look like?” Now I understand that there’s a lot to see and do here, and... I got to see snow! At first it was also really cold for me but now I’m used to the Belarusian weather. Of course it was not easy for me when I first came here. I faced a language barrier at school and I realized that I had different priorities from those of my classmates because of cultural norms I think.

In Cuba, 14-year-old people are more mature, here people of the same age are still acting like kids taken care of by their parents. Secondly, because of my dark hair and tanned skin people thought I’m a Gipsy; they have a bad reputation here. Now my Russian is far better and I have lighter hair, so nobody thinks I’m a Gipsy anymore.

Belarus's really a beautiful country with many places to visit. The geographical position is very good and it’s easy to travel to other European or Slavic countries, to learn different cultures. I would develop tourism here, so more foreigners come here and get to know this wonderful country. I would like to build my future career in this country.”

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