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"Migration should be considered as a positive thing. It has the potential to help countries innovate, give new energy and a new rhythm."

“I was born in Belgium, my parents came from the Rif’s area in the north of Morocco to Belgium in the early 70s because my dad had found a job in Belgium and my mother followed him.

I do not really consider myself to be a migrant. My parents, to me, are migrants, I on the other hand was born and raised here. I have mixed feelings about the term ‘migrant’. In any case, I feel very connected and sympathetic towards migrants.

Migration to me has different meanings. Some people are looking for a better life, others find love in another country, and others may migrate purely out of economic reasons. I see it as something positive, something that can positively strengthen countries.

I do think I’ll move somewhere else someday. I haven’t figured out where exactly, it could be Africa, America or Asia, I could basically live anywhere. There’s a certain curiosity and relentlessness driving me, I do consider Belgium to be my home, but I certainly want to discover other continents or countries for a while.

People who want to migrate should just follow their intuition. It could be a great personal experience, or might also turn out to be a less positive experience. I’m not sure but I think I would in any case encourage people to do so, so they have no regrets later on.

Migration should be considered as a positive thing. It has the potential to help countries innovate, it can be beneficial when dealing with an ageing population. It can give new energy and a new rhythm to a country and I think this is often forgotten when talking about ‘migration’.”

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