photo credit: IOM/Chhaya Chhin

"To my twenty year old younger self, I say thank you as the decision to migrate has enriched my life."

photo credit: IOM/Chhaya Chhin

Kevin, 14,418 km
"Migration works as a bridge over the divide of misunderstanding and the unknown. I hope I am part of that bridge."
"Migration is about learning and growing, and to share this experience with others."
Marie, 9,969 km
"I wish we lived in a world where migration was a free choice, and that everybody would know what equality and dignity mean."

photo credit: IOM/muse mohammed

Nimith, Ponleak, Sokhem, and Khemera
"Our families have always been poor and when we heard that fishermen made a good amount of money, we jumped onto that chance."
Andreas, 8,606 km
"We must always remember that States have an obligation to respect, protect, and fulfill human rights of all persons within their borders."
Kate, Maddie, Mimi and Ella, 14,418 km
"Every person’s experience is unique, and ‘migrant’ is not the only identity of a person who has left their home."
Denise, 7,069 km
"Don’t think of people who are fleeing as a generic ‘brand’ of people, but try to see the face and meet the person in each one."