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“We should not stand against something, we should stand for something.”
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"I was born in Ukraine and recently moved to Prague to do my masters. I’ve travelled a lot across Europe and the US. I consider myself a citizen of the world and at the same time I strive to preserve my Ukrainian identity. I love sharing my knowledge of my country and what it means to be Ukrainian.

The most exciting thing about the modern world is that no iron curtain exists anymore between countries. It is a universal concept of openness: cultures, experiences and great ideas can be exchanged freely; and I enjoy being part of this process. I also enjoy being able to meet new people from all over the world as well as learning new languages and customs.

This being said, the world is not a perfect place and there is little hope it will ever be one. Borders exist not only on maps but also in people's minds. We look for "the other" to protect ourselves but what are we willing to protect ourselves from? Who are these ‘others’? Different cultures? Different people?

In my opinion, they are nothing but mental boundaries. We should not stand against something, we should stand FOR something. I’ve chosen to stand for the world openness for everyone regardless of their gender, age, profession or religion. I want to contribute to a better world and hope that everyone will share this position not only mentally, but will be doing things accordingly."

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