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"Expertise has no nationality. We are resourceful. We came back and we manage to succeed."
Current Country: 
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Country of Origin: 
Democratic Republic of the Congo

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"My name is Jules. I’m a member of the Congolese diaspora. I lived in Europe, specifically Belgium and France, and came back to respond to the call of the DRC government who wanted to engage Congolese living abroad who had a certain expertise. I specialize in environment, water, forestry, and management of development.

I have had the opportunity to travel a lot. Some neighboring countries in the Congo Basin, such as the Congo, Cameroon and Gabon requested our expertise, so I was traveling as part of projects. Here we are working together in an association called COSADEF. This association is accepted in the Congo Basin and recognized by some embassies.

When I came back, I said that we cannot be all government officials. We prefer to be independent consultants, and the Congolese government agreed. The government consults us on some issues in the management of development. Today we are partners of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a diaspora reintegration program.

We opened a printing shop with own funds. We were told that integration is not automatic and that we had to fight. That's why we bought the equipment. We have a newspaper made by our experts. This allows us to earn our living.  We fight, we cope, and we earn a steady daily income.

Migration is a great school. Each country has a potentiality. Everyone has something that another one does not, so when we travel we learn. I became who I am today because I traveled a lot. I learned to live with people who are not like me. I gained a lot and I learned to fight in life. We visited a lot of countries that do not have many natural resources such as the DRC but progress anyway.

Expertise has no nationality. We are resourceful. We came back and we manage to succeed."

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