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“Moving is never easy, but I think one must always maintain a spirit of positive involvement.”
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“I was raised in the Kurdufan region of Sudan. I left my country because of the bloodshed. When the war broke out & so many people were dying, my father & I tried to escape. We fled to a neighboring village and, mistaking it for a safe zone, we decided to stop. It was there that my father was killed and I was abused

Four years later, I managed to run away again. I walked for days on end until I reached Khartoum. I was so young at the time, but I felt very responsible for my kids. We were all suffering from starvation. My kids were basically skin on bone

After all I had gone through, I became extremely depressed, but I decided to carry my children and run towards a better future. I boarded a ferry to Egypt and prayed all the way that nobody would deport me back to Sudan. I was so ambitious and continuously fought against all circumstances to survive. I might have been the youngest person on that arduous journey, but I definitely had the strongest faith.

The moment I arrived in Egypt, I discovered that I would face many hardships but I never allowed it to stop me from achieving success. I might’ve been illiterate, but I taught myself to read. I studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral & General Ministry. I even started the “River of Life” initiative, where I gathered 53 children to educate them about principles of the bible. I was able to convince them that, despite their current situation, they could eventually become successful human beings. Even If I get resettled in the United States, I know that I have left a mark on Egyptian society.

Moving is never easy, but I think one must always maintain a spirit of positive involvement. For me, moving is a rebirth. When we are born, we are surprised by all the new people and places we encounter. We must always have the willingness to learn and be proactive in our new society. I bought ‘Divine Clorox’ to clear my head and heart from all the bitterness in my past. I believe in life. So let us forget the cruelty of our past and look forward to a better future. “

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