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"I want the Japanese to notice we have a unique history, culture, and characters.”
Logistics Officer, UN Women
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“I left my home country at the age of 22, after graduating the university in Tokyo. Why? Because I had a friend living in Cairo and I decided to go to a new country. My first impression in Egypt was that I felt like Alice in Wonderland, falling into another mysterious world.

Of course I miss the food in Japan. Not only Japanese food, we can try to eat many kinds of food in Japan, which is rearranged with Japanese sense. I’m missing all kinds of food that we can eat in Japan.

When I walk down the streets in Cairo, I say to myself ‘Watch my right, my left, my front, my behind, and my step, my head' I mean all the directions because there’s a lot of crazy driving around me; there are also many holes & obstacles on the streets. I also tell myself to do everything at my own risk, and accept my destiny.

While keeping my character as Japanese, I also follow the proverb ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’. Actually, ‘when in Cairo, do as the Cairenes do.’ The most important is to be balanced. When I’m lost and face the problem, I used to choose the middle road to keep being balanced.

My mission is raising my daughters to be mentally healthy & physically healthy. I would like them to be 100% Egyptian and 100 Japanese, not like 50% Egyptian and 50 % Japanese.

Home for me is where my mother exists. Nowadays, it’s so easy to stay in contact with my families & friends all over the word through social technology.

While in this country I say ‘keep being honest to others, don’t hurt others’ chance, and don’t envy others.’

I want the Japanese to notice we have a unique history, culture, and characters.”

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