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Photo: Christine Strotmann

4,799 kmfrom home
“I am a migrant to be able to live.“
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“In Afghanistan I had many problems, because I am Hazara, and for other reasons as well. That’s why I came to Germany.“

“My journey was really bad. I was in jail in Greece for 17 days and for 15 days in Turkey. It was horrible. Altogether I was en route for seven months.“

“When I arrived in Germany I first went to the police. The police officer asked for my passport. He was really serious. So I told him I had no passport and then he asked if I took the plane to Germany. When I told him that I was from Afghanistan, he laughed and offered me a seat. It was funny.“

“The most difficult was the language. A lady helped me. She found a German course for me and was of great help.“

“Everything here was difficult in the beginning, but then I thought everything was very nice. I like the cultural differences.“

”I am a very good cook and can tailor clothes. I like sports and am good in playing soccer. In the future I would like to get an apprenticeship to be a car mechanic.“

“At the moment I’m learning German and sometimes I help other refugees in a shelter for example with translations.“

Ajmal’s parents are dead, but he has a sister who lives in Pakistan. For him home and love are the same thing. He has been in Germany for a year.


This is a story by Christine Strotmann

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