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Photo: Christine Strotmann

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“I am a migrant, but I don’t feel that way.”
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“I am from Ireland, studied history in Dublin. After I started my PhD in England, I applied for a scholarship. The German Academic Exchange Service granted it to me, and so I came to Germany in 2012.“

“I am a historian and study German history. I think it is good, that I’m here, since I’m bringing an outsider’s perspective to German history.”

“The beginning was difficult. I did not speak the language well. My girlfriend is German and I wanted to buy her a birthday card. I found a very nice one, with a pretty flower on it. I didn’t know that it was a condolence card. So when my girlfriend opened the card in front of all her friends, they had a good laugh.”

“I had not anticipated that Germans would be so different from Irish and English people. The cultural differences are quite big and it took me a while to get used to them. For example, when I visited people in the beginning, I always left my shoes on. That is a big No-Go here. It was weird. Not wrong, but very different.“

“Home, I spoke to many people, what does it mean – particularly the German word Heimat. It’s a difficult question. Maybe memories, childhood, problems, but all in all satisfaction.”

“I am a migrant, but I don’t feel that way. Ireland will always be my home of course. I’m living here now, and I don’t know if I will ever live in Ireland again, but it will always be my home.”


This is a story by Christine Strotmann

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