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Photo: Carla Hustedt

6,408 kmfrom home
"Home means making a place one's own."
Researcher in Social Entrepreneurship
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"I'm from Machakos in Kenya. I came to Berlin a year ago for studies. Since then, I have been living in Berlin with my girlfriend who is from Germany and whom I met during our studies in England."

"As soon as I arrived at the airport in Germany, I noticed that all at once I was different from the others. I never had this experience in England. I was surprised that Germany wasn't as diverse as I had expected."

"When I first came to Berlin in 2011, I was especially impressed with the public transport system. Buses, underground trains and suburban trains that actually work. In Kenya, you have to start hours before an appointment because you get caught in a traffic jam or something won't work."

"This may sound like a cliché, but I think 'Home is where your heart is'. I have been traveling for the last 8 years and was far away from my home in Kenya. During this time, I learned that home means making a place one's own, being surrounded by the right people, being accepted and having this sense of being able to contribute something to society, of being able to realize one's dreams."

"In my apartment here in Berlin, I have three figures of giraffes carved in Kenya. Every time I look at them, they remind me of my origins. Thanks to their long neck, giraffes are able to look very far. This symbolizes the dreams I still want to achieve. One of them was to discover the world and see how other people perceive the world."

"Though my travels, I mostly noticed one thing: We all have our small, ordinary problems and we all have our dreams. In the end, we're not so different after all."

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