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"In Germany the old cathedrals remind me of our churches in Syria...There are no words to explain how much I miss my country."

“I first went to Jordan, but in Jordan we cannot all work. So my husband Mohammed decided to come to Germany to work.

After 14 months, I traveled to Germany to follow my husband. That was eight weeks ago. I came here very comfortably on a plane, but only because my husband had taken the difficult route. He escaped to Turkey and from there to Greece, from Greece to France, from France to Germany. This is a very complicated way, but if I want to summarize this trip, I will say: It’s over, it’s now our ex-life.

I went to Germany because we have a very bad government in Syria. They kill every person who works against them. This was the reason to leave my country.

In Syria I left everything to go to Jordan and start from zero. There I got a new job, worked at a TV channel as reporter and presenter, but my husband could not work there and had no passport. When I decided to follow him to Germany I also left my life behind in Jordan: my work, university, home, good job, and my car. I left everything in Jordan. When I came to Germany, it was not easy to start from zero again. Everything here is good, but when you had to leave your old life in your home country, it is hard.

This country is doing good things for us Syrian people and we in return must be a good people also. We have to do a lot of good things in Germany and for Germany. I’m here as a cook, as I had a cooking-show in Jordan. Now I’m thinking to start a catering company and to teach German people how to cook Syrian food. I want to share our food and our culture with the people.

The question about what I miss the most touched me inside. I miss all the streets in Syria, I miss my home, everything! Maybe I miss the jasmine roses of Syria the most and the Barada-river in Damascus and all the shops. When I was in Jordan, everything I saw was so similar to everything in Syria. But also in Germany the old cathedrals remind me of our churches in Syria. There are no words to explain how much I miss my country. It is an emotion that cannot be explained.”

Malakeh and her husband are planning for a future in Germany, but they miss Syria very much. Malakeh’s definition of home is simply ‘Mother!’.

Photo: Christine Strotmann

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