Ilham and her family, 1,493 km
"I have a lot of dreams for my life in Germany".
Shakeel , 4,242 km
"I can’t wait to return to Pakistan and build Mino a new dog house!”.
Nilab and her sisters, Farishta and Marina, 3,955 km
“I look forward to go to school, I want to learn how to speak Greek”.
Abdel and his family, 1,206 km
"In France, we’ll try to leave behind us all that we’ve been through".
Fayaz and his family , 3,945 km
“I’ve been told that I will learn Greek and English and maths.To me, it’s enough that I will go to school!".
Farzaneh and his brother, Amir, 3,693 km
“I’m really happy I will go to school, I can hardly wait!”.
Hamid and his mom, Khadire, 3,702 km
"I’m really happy that my son will finally go to school here in Greece".
Sana, 4,331 km
"I feel optimistic about my future in Pakistan".
Fatima and her son, Suleiman , 1,175 km
"I’m moving to Finland, I will make my dream come true".
Fawzi and his wife, Hamide , 1,237 km
“It was the first thing I told during the first interview of the relocation procedure! I need to go to Finland!”.
Sara and her family, 1,616 km
"Νow that we’re finally going to Germany, all I can hope for is for a safe future for Sara and my other children".
Murad and his family, 1,237 km
“Murad now is happier and calmer than ever before".
Rashad, 1,513 km
“I just can’t wait to go to school every day!”.
Ali and the escorts, 1,495 km
“It’s such a fulfilling job to be their escort. We are family now”.
Roula, 1,271 km
"God or fate, you name it, decided that Portugal will be our new home".
Abbas and his family , 1,860 km
"All we want is a calm, safe life. And education for our children”.
Raaffat and his family, 1,271 km
“We are looking forward to a new beginning in Germany".
Khaled’s family, 1,244 km
“Do you know where I’d really like to be relocated? To Cyprus!”.
Alaeddin, 1,206 km
“I know that I’m off to a beautiful country with very nice people".
Rama , 1,206 km
“I want to learn everything! Writing, reading, drawing, everything!”.