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"The more you realize that there are many places that can be your home, the more you realize that home is not even a place."
Social Theatre Practitioner, Project Coordinator and Director for “Anamuh – Arts for Dialogue”
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“I’m a lucky migrant, I’m a migrant by choice. I lived in Italy all my life and I was lucky to have a life that was already planned, but I wasn’t happy. 11 years ago the Hungarian Ministry of Education was covering expenses for young teachers from abroad to come and teach in schools. I quit my well-paid job as an engineer to get a job as a high school teacher. I was a little scared but I moved to Székesfehérvár in Hungary. That was the starting point.

I lived in Hungary for one year then I worked in several other countries (Greece, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, India, Nepal, and Myanmar) in various positions. After a personally and professionally difficult period, I came back to Hungary and felt immediately at home again.

I started to understand that maybe my dream is something with arts and theatre which could be applied in Hungary. There is a need for intercultural education also for other marginalized communities, Roma specifically. I understood that there is something I can try to do alone or with some friends, we started an initiative called ANAMUH to try bring people together and create dialogue using social theatre and arts.

I was lucky enough to have this possibility to follow my intuition to places where I think I could grow as a human being. I would invite people to follow their intuitions. Many people have this privilege: a possibility to make a choice to have a life or a job in Latin America or Asia and see how it is to live in countries where life is very different. To understand that the world we know is not the only world. It’s only a small part of this global world. Then maybe come back to your own countries and have a different point of view about what you can do in your own country.

It is amazing to taste a different plate, to know a different way of cooking, to experience a different way of living, to think about how the universe is conceived. Listen to different points of view, not to blend them, but to understand who we are as human beings as part of this planet all together and also as individuals.

Home is a different space for everybody. The more you realize that there are many places that can be your home, the more you realize that home is not even a place. Home is a place inside where you can get refuge if things go wrong, if you don’t feel ok, if you can close your eyes and find it somewhere deep down and you can feel that safety and warmth, that is home. That is something that you can’t buy or sell or lose, but it’s something that you have to achieve and recognize.”

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Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Greece, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Peru, Spain, Uruguay

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