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"IOM not only gave me the opportunity to see my family again, but I also managed to enhance my fragile medical situation."
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"My relationship with Greece started years ago, in 1987, when I first wen there from India. Back then I was young, 32 years old, and I was going to Greece to find a job and support my family financially. I had a good life in India, a decent job, a sufficient income. But my siblings were in a difficult position, so I decided to come to Greece and help them by sending them money.

I was one of the best electricians in Athens and I was making good money. Things were different back then, since there were better job conditions. I worked really hard, I built a lot of houses, I made Greek friends and as a result, I managed to support my family.

However, my family was far away. My initial plan was to stay in Greece for a short period of time, but since my family's needs were increasing, I ended up staying for more than 30 years.

Earlier in 2018, I started thinking of my wife, our children, our dog, our jokes. We had a dog who ate food every day except for Friday — we were sure our dog was a Muslim! I have missed all these little everyday things and I am looking forward to reliving them.

A few months into the year, I had an accident and I was hospitalized in the public hospital of Herakleio, a big city on the island of Crete. I was feeling really weak and I was afraid for my life. So, I decided to return to my family. IOM, the UN Migration Agency, took care of everything. They issued my travel documents, and I had a special escort from Crete to India. Thanks to their Reintegration Assistance I will be able to do all necessary medical exams on time.

IOM not only gave me the opportunity to see my family again, but I also managed to enhance my fragile medical situation. A new life has just started for me."

The project "The implementation of Assisted Voluntary Returns including Reintegration measures" (AVRR) is co-funded 75% by Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and 25% by Greek Ministry of Interior.

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