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"We have a lot of dreams for Syria, dreams of peace [...] It is not easy but we have the hope."
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Syrian Arab Republic

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“My name is Hasan. I come from Syria and I am 31 years old. I am a landscape architect.

I had to leave Syria because I was asked to do military service and I refused. I didn’t want to kill anybody from any side. So I decided to escape and leave the country and the war and to save my small family - my wife Nour and my child Ziad.

We used to live in a small village, 35 km from Damascus, called Wadi Barada. We miss a lot of things - our friends, our relatives, our memories, our favorite places, all of the interesting things that exist in Syria. We miss them all. 

It was very hard to leave Syria and we had to do it illegally, as my name was in all the police stations because of the military service. I was wanted. So we had to leave with a smuggler who took us through hostile territory.

We arrived in Aleppo and we stayed there six days, and then another smuggler put us in a small bus and we crossed the border with Turkey.

We have a lot of dreams for Syria, dreams of peace. We hope the situation will get better. We know it is complicated now. It is not easy but we have the hope.

My hope here in Italy, for me, for my family, for my son especially, is to live in peace, to simply have the type of life we had before in our country.”

Everything has changed because of the war, especially the prices of food. For example, before the war one litre of milk was 15 Syrian lira. After the war, in some areas, the price had risen to 250 Syrian lira and also there are some areas where one litre of milk can reach 200.000 Syrian lira – because there is no milk, no cows, and no goats.

There is nothing. This is a just small example but there are so many stories like this. Everything has changed because of the war.”

This story was originally published as part of the #IAMSYRIAN series.

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