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"I needed to leave my hometown and search for a job to support my son and family back home."
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"I come from a small island in the Philippines, where I used to live with my family in a house next to a sandy beach in a very beautiful place. I moved to Kuwait when I was 18 years old, where I worked until I met my Kuwaiti boyfriend. He was 23 years old and we lived together for six months until we decided to move to the Philippines and start our lives there. He even bought fishing boats to help my family start a fishing business. I got pregnant and gave birth to my little boy. It was great until we wanted to get married. He wanted to get married in Kuwait, in the Islamic way. At first, I didn’t have a problem with this until he asked me to follow his religion and wear the hijab. I didn’t like the idea of wearing the hijab and this is what I told him, but he couldn’t handle it and as a result, we broke up and he left to Kuwait.

I stayed with my new born son and my father took over the fishing business, which he didn’t manage very well and the business ended shortly after. I needed to leave and search for a job and that is how I ended up in Jordan, working first as a waitress and after that as a maid. Jordan is a nice place, I have some Jordanian friends who are very nice to me, but now, I really miss my son, family, house, swimming and eating coconuts. Whenever I visit my home in the Philippines once a year, my whole family gathers in a house next to the sandy beach where we sing, dance, eat and talk about all the things that we have missed.

My son is 18 years old now and he wants to become a captain of a ship, like his uncle. I fully support his goals. I’m very satisfied with the person that he has become. He has a great desire to meet his father, with whom I have lost contact; if he is reading this I want him to know that his son (Mohammad Ali Aque) would like to meet him one day."

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