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Photo credit: IOM/Shaebi Ahmed

10,731 kmfrom home
"I pray with the others for peace in Libya. It’s my second home, and it offered me its best back in the day.”
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“When I was younger, all I ever wanted was to go back home. Now, that I’m older, I don’t want to go home. Because I will not have a job. My two children are independent now, so my purpose is to put something aside for my old age. It’s the truth and the current situation is not allowing us to do so, but we are hoping that something will come up and things will be better.

When I came to Libya back in 1985, I was based in a city hospital west of Tripoli for 7 years. It was the hardest time and after that, I went home for few years. Then I came back to Benghazi, my favorite Libyan city, where I lived for 10 years. In 2005 I renewed my marriage vows with my husband in a big celebration at our house. The party lasted until almost 3 a.m. On that day, we vowed to love and hold each other, no matter the circumstances, until death do us part.

I love my job, because I feel like a super woman when the patients call me ‘sister’ and ask for my help. I’m really sad to see the current situation in Libya. Because before I was able to help more people, but I can do less with the lack of equipment we have. The situation in general was better then and it was not so hard to raise children here.

I have a boy and a girl. My boy was born here, and my girl was ‘made in Libya’ but born in the Philippines. My boy is now an engineer, and my girl is a nurse - like mother like daughter. I really want to see them get married before I am dead. I want to see their children. I told them once, ‘if you have children, you need to take care of them and to give them best they can have.’ It'll be important to give them something they haven't experienced before and to provide them with a good education.

I don’t do that much in my free time. Sometimes I like to go to the embassy when it organizes events for us. Mostly they plan sports activities. I don’t play sports, because I had surgery on my arm. But I love to cheer for the teams playing and to eat! I go to the church and I pray with the others for peace in Libya. It’s my second home, after all, and it offered me its best back in the day.”

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