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"There are different reasons why people migrate, but sometimes it's like jumping without a parachute, you have no other choice."
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“I come from Somalia but my parents are originally from Guinea.

As the whole world probably knows, Somalia has been a country involved in war for years now and this war is the reason why I left.

The majority of Somalians are Muslims. My family and I however are Christians. The Catholic Church has helped us flee and start a new life in Europe.

My parents died back in 2008, I have two brothers who live in Saudi-Arabia. We're still in contact on a regular basis through social media. I miss the family atmosphere and the closeness we had back in Somalia. You wake up surrounded by your parents and your family, you have breakfast and dinner together. I really miss that atmosphere, here I am just alone.

I was born and raised in Somalia. I travelled to Italy by plane, where I received my papers. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg accepted me as a citizen and allowed me to continue my studies. So I consider all three countries to be my home.

Europe in general is very different from Africa. The mentality is not the same, the people are not the same. People here are very well educated, and they allowed me to get an education as well. They are very humane and overall helped me a lot.

There are different reasons why people migrate. If you come from a country entangled in war, you simply do not have another option. If you come from a country with extreme poverty and no access to food, you have no other option. Either you remain and try to stay alive or you leave and try to make a living, but leaving is like jumping without a parachute, there's no other choice.

My goal is to finish my education and eventually become a tax expert in Europe.” 

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