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„I want to go back home and serve the people with my knowledge“
PhD Student
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“I’m from Logar, did my Master’s degree in Berlin, worked in Kabul and now am a PhD-student in Bratislava. After that I want to return to Afghanistan.”

“It’s always challenging to come from Afghanistan to Europe. Although I was accepted at University and had my scholarship, it took me two months processing my visa.”

“I am a migrant, because I want to study. I came to Slovakia for studying purposes. I wish we had higher level universities in Afghanistan, so I didn’t need to come to Slovakia or to Europe for studying. But it’s also good to study outside in other countries. So I learn about their cultures and can bring the knowledge from other places to my own country and serve my own people.”

“I will take lots of things with me from Slovakia when I go back to Afghanistan. The knowledge I acquire here, I will share with other people through teaching them at university. So they can learn from my experience. And I will help other Afghans, who want to study at European Universities.”

 “I brought my own culture to Slovakia and my own style of doing things, my own style of studying. Actually I’m very good with languages. So my fellow students get the message that Afghanistan is not all about war. What the media is reflecting is completely different. In Afghanistan, every day thousands of things are happening. But the media will only present the one explosion which happened. So people in Slovakia and Europe can see that Afghans are competitive, have talent, and can compete in every field – on a academic level, in sports as well as elsewhere.”

 “The culture here is really different. When I first came to Europe I had a cultural shock. We have to adapt to the culture here, without forgetting completely about our own culture. We still have our own culture in mind, but we don’t problematize. I was in Germany for quite some time. Everybody here is living the words ‘Dankeschön’, ‘Bitteschön’ und ‘Entschuldigung’. I really liked it here. It’s just so nice!”

“Home for Asadullah is ‘wherever you feel comfortable and at peace’. Asadullah is currently learning Slovak – his eighth language. After he finished his degree, he wants to return to his family in Kabul.”


Written by Christine Strotmann




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