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"I’m glad I had classical music in my life to guide me when I was away from home all these years."

The UN Orchestra Charity Concert in support of IOM's activities will take place on March 25 2017 in Geneva. Get your tickets here!


“One night, while I was preparing for an exam at school, I heard on the radio Beethoven’s concert for violin in D major. I got so touched, I decided that violin should be part of my life.

I left my home town, Salerno, in the south of Italy when I was 25, with my violin case and luggage to finish my studies in physics in Genova, in northern Italy. Soon afterwards I started working there as a researcher.

I then moved to France and after a short while, to Switzerland, to work in CERN as an applied physicist. I took a break from CERN and settled in Spain - always with my violin - to work on a nuclear fusion project for almost six years. I came back to Geneva in 2013, and found out about the UN Orchestra.

I’m glad I had classical music in my life to guide me when I was away from home all these years. Even though I was new in a country, playing music opened new perspectives, helped me meet new people. I realized that it helps me and others to share a common language with the rest of humankind. I feel that music makes the world better.

The UN Orchestra is the right fit for me: we are committed, we are dedicated, we get inspired by all these virtuosos playing with us every year. We are multicultural.This is extremely enriching.”

photo credit: IOM/Muse Mohammed

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