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"Playing is a reward in life, sharing a passion with people from different countries with a same goal fulfills my days with happiness."
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“I arrived to Strasbourg from Spain right after finishing my engineering studies in Madrid. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Alsace region and the architecture which is so different to the one back home. Yet, what stroke me most, was how people appreciated silence and calm, like here in Switzerland.

Of course, being away from home for a while now, I miss the sea and spending a sunny day with my friends or a weekend with my family but I’m glad I have music in my life. It fills me with happiness. Anyways I could not do without it as I come from a family of professional musicians. To me, music is the center of my life; I can neither walk, work nor think without music. Listening to music is like vitamin in my life. 

When I arrived in Geneva, I missed playing music so when I heard of the UN Orchestra, I immediately applied for an audition. Playing here is a reward in life, sharing a passion with so many different people, from different countries and cultures with a same goal is a way to fulfill my days with happiness.   

Plus, the Orchestra gives me the opportunity to meet new people and bring our music to new countries. I remember once, I had taken my violin to some remote West African areas where needs are greater than just listening to classical music… and I started playing to a child who was crying in the street. The next day, it is more than ten kids who were waiting for me to play again. 

These moments are unforgettable.” 

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