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"I just want my whole family to be happy. I would like to study medicine. I would like to become a doctor"
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“I am Bosai, I am from Myanmar. I came here because my father passed away and we had a lot of family. At that time there was also a lot of fighting so we fled. The journey was difficult. There were a lot of mountains. We arrived here by foot. It took us five days. I came here with my entire family. That was in 2005.” Bosai is now a 30 year old refugee from Myanmar currently residing in a temporary shelter area along the Thai-Myanmar border. Officially known as the Tham Hin Temporary Shelter area, it is home to over 7000 refugees of mainly Karen origin like him. Bosai and his family arrived in Tham Hin after a long and difficult five day trek through mountain terrain as they fled civil war. That was in 2005. Ten years later, he is married with two kids, speaks three languages and contributes to the community as an IOM security staff: “I was also able to receive an education here. When I was in Myanmar, I was not able to have one. My parents did not have enough money to pay for it because we are a big family of seven children. I went to school after coming here. It was at school where I learnt business English. I picked it up step by step and been learning it for 10 years now.” Despite the challenges faced, Bosai views his life in the shelter area with positivity. He is happy to be able to live his life in peace and is satisfied with the opportunities he has received thus far. Coming from a poor family with seven children, his parents were not able to afford sending him to school in Myanmar. Tham Hin however provided an opportunity for him to receive an education where he started from scratch at the age of 20. He picked up English and is one of a few that is able to speak it at a respectable level. He is also well versed in Thai and occasionally assists with translations between the three languages. As a security staff with IOM, some of his duties include looking after the IOM building and accompanying refugees to the provincial hospital from time to time. He has been doing this for the past four years and enjoys the job as it is not physically strenuous. He is also currently taking a first aid course during his spare time: “I just want my whole family to be happy. I would like to study medicine. I am taking a medical course right now and enjoy studying it. I actually have a presentation and exam coming up soon so I will study and prepare for that for now. I would like to become a doctor.” Despite being an unregistered refugee, Bosai has high hopes for the future. He is determined to wait for an opportunity to be resettled to a third country, preferably the United States where his twin brother currently resides.

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