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"Belfast is my second home where I have found love, raised my family, worked and learnt to campaign for rights for all."
Communications Officer
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United Kingdom
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I came to N.Ireland as a student in 81, in the middle of the troubles, met some great people, learnt to love the place and stayed. I have worked as a French Assistant, childminder, waitress, collective worker in a cooperative cafe and bookshop, care home assistant, writer, designer, administrator and events organiser in a feminist magazine, publications officer in an NGO and now communications worker. I have volunteered in local community groups, LGBT groups, ethnic minority organisations, women's groups. Like many people here, I have sometimes been unemployed, and more times in work. I love Irish/Northern Irish society although I don't love everything about it. Belfast has taught me a lot and it's now home. It's where I have my second family, where I gave birth to a beautiful son, made lifelong friends, developed my skills and ideas. I don't claim to be saving everyone or making a special contribution. I just live my life, like everyone else, somewhere where I am happy and have grown new roots. I have no more nor less right than anyone else to be here, same as I think everyone has as much right as me to be in Brittany where I come from, where my first family is, where half of my culture comes from. I would no more dream of giving up my culture or origins than I would of giving up on my parents. I am a hybrid, the product of two cultures, two places. I hope I have passed on to my children a sense that every human being has rights and value, and that diversity is a beautiful thing.

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