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"I paid to do my first postgraduate degree here. Now I teach and research artificial intelligence."
Reader in Artificial Intelligence
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United Kingdom
Country of Origin: 
United States

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I attended a taught masters in artificial intelligence (AI) at Edinburgh in 1991-1992. I paid for it myself with money I'd saved while working after University. After my masters degree I did a PhD back in the USA at a leading university, but I liked the European way of doing artificial intelligence better. And the universities here like what I do too. Now I've been teaching and leading a research team at Bath since 2002. My team works on making artificial intelligence easier to understand and use. We also use artificial intelligence to do scientific modelling to help us understand how people come to work together – when we cooperate and when we compete. I've also taught over a thousand students how to program computers, and hundreds how to program robots and computer game AI. It's hard to be apart from your family sometimes, but it's important for an academic to work where their research and knowledge can do the most good. One of my American friends thinks it's wrong to have taken my American education overseas, but I think the work academics do helps everyone in the world.

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