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"Every move has been fundamental to my success. If I had stayed in my home country would I have won three Olympic medals?"
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"I started swimming at a young age. As with any parents living on the coast in Tunisia, mine wanted my two older brothers and I to learn how to swim. We were all competitive, and started formally competing right away, we just got hooked. By the age of 15, I was beating all the older competitors and becoming the fastest swimmer in my country.

Every move has been fundamental to my success, moving to France was great because it led to huge results. I think I’m a skilled swimmer, would I say that if I had stayed in my home country I would’ve won three Olympic medals? Probably not.

Swimming has always been my passion. I would love to stay involved on a national level in Tunisia or on an international level with different governing bodies. I would put myself in a position that will be instrumental to the country—I have so many ideas to work with the younger generation.

I hope I can become an example for today's generation of aspiring athletes who are dreaming at a very young age. I want parents to say to their children “Look at Ous from La Marsa—he did it, you can do it.”

Going abroad in this day and age is almost a necessity in order to get the skills and technical experience you need, to get that experience and soak it all in. One day you’ll return and develop what’s back home. It’s not easy, as with any other process."

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