photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Princess, 2,985 km
"If I ever see a woman wanting to take this route, I will tell her to kill herself instead."
Setareh, 5,789 km
"I first started drawing when we got to Greece. I want to go to an open camp and draw buildings."
Giulia, 1,210 km
“I use music as a tool for integration. It is a language that everyone speaks. Through music and dancing I can get in touch with people.”
Jelena, 378 km
"It’s not about belonging to a community ethnically or nationally or having a common culture it's about sharing experiences."
Natalia, 951 km
“As soon as you move abroad you perceive that the world is not locked in one city, that there are opportunities”.
Zuhal, 3,122 km
“Others see me as a migrant, so I started to look at myself in a similar way.”
Daniel, 5,309 km
"Nothing is more precious than my freedom."

Credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Patrick, 951 km
“After they found 23 survivors, they also found me somewhere further away between a pile of corpses. They thought I was dead and so did I.”
Rotimi, 8,311 km
"I’m always curious to learn from people of different backgrounds. I don’t let my ego get in the way."
Isaac, 8,311 km
"I want to serve my people; to learn from other societies, know what is happening elsewhere in the world."
"Even if you have everything and are enjoying your life abroad, you will always feel like a stranger."
Shaima, 433 km
"I don’t want my children to see what I saw; I will work hard so that they have a better life than I had."
Edwin Rivera, 470 km
"I’m taking this path because I have goals for me and my family."
Karla, 440 km
"Being a migrant gave me the motivation and boosted me to start my own business."
Melissa, 1,297 km
"I’m convinced that here we can live a better life."
Ibrahim, 1,230 km
"I know how dangerous it is and I now know it’s not worth the risk, but going to Europe was my biggest dream and I failed at it.”
Moussa, 2,755 km
"My family is pure blood Nigerien. We don’t let anyone sit back and let their life go to waste."
Manuel, 9,877 km
"The world is a messy place, but building walls to keep it outside won’t help."

Photo Credit: OIM/Romeo Balancourt

Costa-Gavras, 1,786 km
"Solidarity is about respecting the ‘other’ regardless of who he or she is."

Credit: IOM/ John Walder

Jenan, 9,237 km
"There was always a piece of me that was different no matter what group of people I was trying to fit in with."