Toak, 1,150 km
“I was a carpenter at home so, when I heard about the chance to make things here in the camp I knew I could do a good job.” #iamarefugee

Photo credits: IOM/Teddy Noel-Hill

David, 1,150 km
"I was a student before the fighting started. I was studying History and Geography. I really enjoyed it." #iamarefugee
Sophia , 4,166 km
"I am a free woman. I want to be Sophia, this is how I was born and who I want to be when I die." #iamarefugee
Drago, 8,770 km
"What I went through made me who I am today." #iamarefugee
Ali, 11,148 km
"I believe that if one is pure and patient, he will find his way." #iamarefugee
Abdullah, 52 km
"I can’t forget my past but I do think of the future now. I want to fulfill my mother’s dream for me. I want to become a doctor." #iamarefugee

Photo Credit: Zachary David

Afsoon, 9,999 km
"Equality and justice are not abstract goals. Our difference cannot detract from what we have in common." #iamarefugee

IOM/Monica Chiriac

Samba, 2,033 km
“We are responsible for everything that happens to us. They told me not to go, but I went anyway. Man’s biggest problem is man himself.” #iamarefugee

Photo Credit: IOM/Flavia Giordani

Mohamed, 5,091 km
"I miss the daily family gatherings, the culture of my country." #iamarefugee
Majid and Saeed, 80 km
"Mosul used to be a mosaic of people. Now we are broken fragments again, not part of a whole." #iamarefugee

Photo Credit: IOM Greece

Jameel, 4,403 km
"Bombs were exploding next to us on a daily basis [...] I left Kashmir for a neighboring village in order to save my life." #iamarefugee
Thu, 1,281 km
"Living in a refugee camp gave me the opportunity to do what I always wanted to do: study." #iamarefugee
Sandrine, 6,194 km
"I am not a nationality, I am a woman, a professional, a volunteer and a student. I am a person." #iamarefugee

Photo Credit: IOM/Muse Mohammed

Mohammed, 571 km
“If I am going to live here I figured I better start learning their language and how their culture is different from ours." #iamarefugee

Photo Credit: IOM/Muse Mohammed

Ahmed, 571 km
"People who are disabled shouldn't be looked down upon [...] you should encourage them to be successful in life despite of their condition." #iamarefugee

Photo Credit: IOM/Muse Mohammed

Mustapha, 571 km
“She has a long way to go but I'm just glad that she is getting there, our prayers have been answered.” #iamarefugee

Photo Credit: IOM/Muse Mohammed

Emal and Sibal, 571 km
"Almost every home held a funeral yet somehow we survived; that was a sign for us that we had to leave Syria." #iamarefugee

Photo Credit: IOM/Muse Mohammed

Ahmed, 571 km
"I just want to move on with my life here in Turkey.” #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: WFP/Berna Cetin

Hala, 571 km
"I feel that it is a great opportunity for me, that I get to help my own people [...] I am proud to be Syrian." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: WFP/Henry Bongyereirwe

Michael, 622 km
"We like it here in Uganda. We are safe, there is no war." #iamarefugee