Photo credit: iom/amanda nero

Richard, 1,000 km
"Music is a good exercise in empathy!" #iamamigrant

Photo credit: IOM/Natalie Oren

Ian, 1,693 km
"The most difficult part about moving to a new place is my accent, which is now much better than it was." #iamamigrant

Photo credit: IOM/Natalie Oren

James, 1,693 km
"Leaving your country means stepping away from your comfort zone, towards something new." #iamamigrant
Irvin Umaña, 573 km
"I came to Costa Rica fleeing persecution of the LGTBI community in Honduras" #iamamigrant
Ting Ting, 1,236 km
"Being able to communicate has helped me adapt to our new home and better understand Thailand’s culture." #iamamigrant
Achille, 1,230 km
“They may close the borders, but people always find a way. When you fill up one hole, another one is being dug.” #iamamigrant
Joannah, 1,538 km
"In every place where I have lived, I have always joined an orchestra and found new friends." #iamamigrant
Sophia , 4,166 km
"I am a free woman. I want to be Sophia, this is how I was born and who I want to be when I die." #iamarefugee

photo credit: IOM/muse mohammed

"If there are equal rights for all human beings, it will lead to development of my country." #iamamigrant
Drago, 8,770 km
"What I went through made me who I am today." #iamarefugee

photo credit: IOM/amanda nero

"It is a privilege to be part of something meaningful. I'm proud to promote the ideals that the UN stands for." #MigrantAlly

photo credit: IOM/Monica chiriac

Léonie and Marine, 2,221 km
“We left because we have no husbands, no money, nowhere to live, and nothing to lose.” #iamamigrant

photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

“The truth is you have three options: you drown, you go to prison, or you make it to the other side.” #iamamigrant

A prostitute waits for clients on Temple Street in the Jordan district of Hong Kong.

Photo credit: Thomson Reuters Foundation/Ario Adityo

Kat, 1,137 km
"I'm depressed. The other bar girls are depressed. But I need to show that I am happy and OK even when I am not." #iamamigrant
Maya, 14,405 km
"I have a dual-lens which I think allows me to see a more balanced picture – the best of both worlds." #iamamigrant
Ali, 11,148 km
"I believe that if one is pure and patient, he will find his way." #iamarefugee

photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Sekinat, 1,825 km
“Many of us died in the desert. I am so grateful that I don’t count myself among the dead. This road isn't good for anyone." #iamamigrant

photo credit: iom/muse mohammed

Ruben, 1,381 km
"Playing is a reward in life, sharing a passion with people from different countries with a same goal fulfills my days with happiness." #iamamigrant

photo credit: IOM/muse mohammed

Phillip, 5,720 km
"Music is a language without borders or national impediment. I hope we can help to further humanitarian goals through our concerts." #iamamigrant

photo credit: iom/Muse Mohammed

Martine, 793 km
"Music is a universal language which does not discriminate or categorize people but unites them." #iamamigrant