Marc, 991 km
"Integration takes time, but once you achieve it in your own way, it can be a source of freedom, cooperation and relief."
Fadi, 3,687 km
"I come from a land where we helped the migrants and refugees before some of us become refugees ourselves."
Eleonora, 11,798 km
"Because of all my travels, I can consider any place in the world my home."
"#iamamigrant, not an expat."
Lovísa, 2,599 km
"Being a migrant means being able to move freely around the world, to work, to meet people, to open my heart and my mind."
Rzn, 3,687 km
"Your home country will not be the same when you go back. And you won't be the same either!"
Erica, 13,416 km
"We should be happy to meet people from diverse backgrounds, and seize the opportunity to develop, learn and get new perspectives."
Samad, 5,114 km
"All the experiences I've had contribute to my desire to help others regardless of their background or the terms that might apply to them."
Abubakarr, 6,830 km
"Home is a place where I feel safe and secure to express my feelings without fear of being captured and tortured."

Photo credits: iom/monica chiriac

Samba, 3,680 km
"I had worked for so long without any pay that I had no means to go back home."
Henrik, 6,701 km
"Times are changing and it is time for us to get creative — together. This is what makes us human."
Nataliya , 4,074 km
"People continue to show solidarity and this gives me the strength to continue helping others get a second chance, as I once did."
Souleyman, 2,550 km
“If I go home now, they will think I’m a coward; if I die, they will think I’m a hero, but if I make it, everyone will be happy.”
Dennis, 573 km
"In my country, people are killed every day because of their sexual orientation. I now feel safe in Costa Rica."

photo credit: IOM/Muse mohammed

Than Zaw Oo, 194 km
"In front of my father I have to appear like a man. My mother accepts me."
Valdis, 193 km
“This country has provided me with everything an individual can wish for to live a happy and prosperous life."
Svetlana, 822 km
"I longed to return because I love the sea in Estonia and the country’s aesthetic beauty. I felt there were many opportunities."
Oluwatobi, 5,660 km
“I want to be able to help in my community, I am passionate about working with the youth and children.”
“People are different – not all women have the same goals or ambitions, and we need to respect that.”

Photo Credit: IOM/Carolina Celi

Pam, 4,371 km
"I wanted to help others using the knowledge I obtained from being a child of immigrants and growing up in two countries and now I can."