Rup, 7,491 km
"When I left my country, I had nothing; no job, no money & no citizenship. Everyone said “You're a refugee.” In Australia, no one says that" #iamarefugee
James, 12,026 km
"I believe the story of everyone who is or was once a refugee entails resilience and I bring this to every country I go to." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: Photographer Gabriel Hill

Rohulla, 5,114 km
"This necklace is everything I have from my family & my homeland. It means the world to me, like my father's always with me." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: Photographer Gabriel Hill

Nazim, 8,054 km
"I always dreamt of becoming a police officer. This little book is the only thing I have left of that dream." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: Photographer Gabriel Hill

Suleyman, 5,114 km
"This phone was the only way I could let my family know where I was on my journey and that I was OK. It made me feel safer and less lonely." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: Photographer Gabriel Hill

Yosief, 4,574 km
"I was held captive a few times and had to pay my captors a ransom for them to let me go." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: Photographer Gabriel Hill

Sejla, 806 km
"I can't describe how I felt when I saw my father again, my whole body was trembling when I saw he was holding my bunny." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: Photographer Gabriel Hill

Ahmet, 4,574 km
"They thought I didn’t survive the crossing by ship. The piece of paper with my parent's number was the most important thing that I owned." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: Photographer Gabriel Hill

Taghi, 4,145 km
"I only took those three photos with me. Every single one stands for a certain time in my life before my escape." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: Photographer Gabriel Hill

Shireen, 4,145 km
"This cell phone and the clothes I was wearing were the only things that I could take with me." #iamarefugee
Abdellatif, 571 km
"I've built the highest buildings and towers in Syria before the war. Each structure was part of me; how much of me still exists?" #iamarefugee
"As I waited for word of my family’s safe arrival, I was wounded in a fight by a stray bullet, but it only reinforced my determination." #iamarefugee
Dahham, 3,280 km
"I got my diploma recognized, I have a safe home, and I started a NGO to help refugees get their qualifications acknowledged." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: IOM/Muse Mohammed

“Looking at South Sudan, it will take a while but I have a strong belief that there will be peace." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: Mark Kirchhoff

James, 12,676 km
"We need to teach people that peace is the key to economic development. South Sudan is not for one tribe, it is for everybody." #iamarefugee

Photo credits: IOM/Muse Mohammed

Edhabo, 13,896 km
"With all the challenges I've faced, I decided not to think about what I’m going through because I know I will be okay in the future." #iamarefugee

Photo credits: IOM/Muse Mohammed 2016

Abdi, 14,742 km
"I lived the normal refugee life, having to go to school with no shoes and barely one meal a day." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: OYW

Taffan, 3,213 km
"Each country I've travelled to has given me knowledge and experiences that have molded me to the person I am today." #iamarefugee
"Here in the refugee camp, you have to fend for yourself." #iamarefugee

Photo Credits: WFP/Giulio d'Adamo

Jamal, 536 km
“My home in Syria was my paradise. Whatever I wanted to do I did. Now, as a refugee, whatever I want, whatever I hope for, I’m denied.” #iamarefugee