Jordi, 621 km
La historia del migrante nicaragüense que se hizo futbolista en Costa Rica y está a punto de convertirse en legionario.
Hazem Emam
Your Family, Your Dream, Your Life

Photo credit: SBS News

Jamila, 11,611 km
My Australia: From washing dishes to Qantas executive
Ostadazimi, 3,982 km
"I just wanted to get away from Asia, to find a safe place."
Sameh, Marah and Majd , 2,922 km
"I want to continue my life here."


Mohamed Salah, 3,704 km
"The source of happiness for millions of Egyptians."
Arnaud, 2,550 km
“Having lived in different countries has made me a better person with stronger values.”

Photo credit: UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré

Match for Solidarity
"In a truly global economy, sports create a migrant meritocracy few other industries can match." - William Lacy Swing, IOM Director General
Nasima, 4,238 km
"I feel that I have a big responsibility to be an example to the thousands of young immigrants in Helsinki."

Photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Alioune, 2,731 km
“Here I was at sea once more. I could already see myself in Europe. I really thought we were going to make it this time.”

Photo credit: Christopher Thomond/The Guardian

Club Together and Justice FC, 9,913 km
"It’s not just about football but about challenging [discrimination] in society."
Nechirvan , 1,412 km
"My life now is nicer, more quiet. I’m going to English and Greek classes in order to improve my language skills."
Cecilia, 9,967 km
“I would encourage anyone looking to develop themselves professionally to have a good look at Estonia.”

Photo credit: Jose Jordan/AFP

Karim and Yves, 5,708 km
Karim and Yves trekked for years through Africa from Cameroon before arriving in Spain where they now play football and rugby.
Hidar, 4,294 km
"My mother is a teacher. I am very excited to be back in class!"
Alejandro, 14,184 km
"The fear is not of leaving, but of no longer belonging."
Mohamed , 4,307 km
"School is really good, as well as my teachers".
Samir, 3,711 km
"Everything has an end, bad times and good times, no matter who you are. Enjoy being alone. Don't be afraid of your own company."
"IOM thank you very much, I will never forget this assistance.”

Photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Souleyman, 3,608 km
“My fellow brothers need to know that this route is one of sacrifice. You don’t know how you will die, but chances are it will happen.”