Natalia, 976 km
"I probably won’t be able to repay all the kindness, but I would like to something back to Estonian society in the future."
Joanna, 1,193 km
"I only knew where Estonia was located on the map, nothing else. I thought: why not, let the adventure begin!"
Arnaud, 2,550 km
“Having lived in different countries has made me a better person with stronger values.”
Cecilia, 9,967 km
“I would encourage anyone looking to develop themselves professionally to have a good look at Estonia.”
Izak, 13,703 km
“Migration gives us an opportunity to reach new goals, develop ourselves as people, and it frees us from prejudices.”
Rotimi, 8,311 km
"I’m always curious to learn from people of different backgrounds. I don’t let my ego get in the way."
Isaac, 8,311 km
"I want to serve my people; to learn from other societies, know what is happening elsewhere in the world."
Valdis, 193 km
“This country has provided me with everything an individual can wish for to live a happy and prosperous life."
Svetlana, 822 km
"I longed to return because I love the sea in Estonia and the country’s aesthetic beauty. I felt there were many opportunities."
Oluwatobi, 5,660 km
“I want to be able to help in my community, I am passionate about working with the youth and children.”
Anatoli, 1,207 km
"You have to work hard yourself, if you invest yourself [...] and you will receive additional support from others too."
Shereen, 2,842 km
"We have been helped and we want to give back to this society.”
Xiangwei, 6,078 km
“Language plays a very important role.”
Liga, 193 km
"I think everyone needs a deeper understanding of what it means to live in a country."
Diego, 13,703 km
"Influence of mass media [..] makes people have a hard time imagining someone could come from a different place with a different reason."
Julia, 1,207 km
“I think migration positively influences a person, but that depends on how the person views the migration process and what triggered it.”
Harsh, 6,015 km
"Diversity helps build better products for the world."
Simona, 2,054 km
"The reasons for migrating may be different, but in the end, we are all the same in our search for happiness and a stable and safe life."
Pia, 373 km
"I do not worry about the future. For now, I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing what is needed."
Said, 3,833 km
"To feel integrated one needs to speak the language of the host country, get to know the culture and the law, and respect them."