Ian , 8,060 km
"Time and trust changed everything. I am more fulfilled artistically than I ever felt in the U.S."
Heba, 3,566 km
"When someone does something bad it is because they are bad themselves, not because they are from a specific place."
Agustin , 9,692 km
"We shouldn’t consider xenophobia as a taboo. Xenophobia is programmed in people’s minds, but it needs to be kept in check."
Mohammed , 3,148 km
"Even though some doors might be closed, there are always open windows."
Almonzer , 2,842 km
"Syria existed before the war. The real essence of Syria needs to be seen."
Etienne, 15,459 km
"My home will always be in Tahiti but I want to live a simple and happy life. Estonia is a good place for that."
"The problem with stereotypes is, they only show one side and amplify it. Fear of the other can be overcome through personal encounter."
"I don’t understand why some people have rights to move & others don’t. Do we help people because we like them or because they are in need?"
Franca , 12,917 km
"Having different people in a society is not a threat. We can work on developing tolerance."