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"I enjoy having the ability to make people see beautiful things in their country that they may have previously taken for granted."
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United Kingdom

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"I am half English and half Welsh; I currently live in Albania where I work as a freelance writer. I left England aged 21 because I didn’t like the country and didn’t see a future there; I didn’t like the weather, the people, the government, the culture, or the way society was. I spent 10 years in Malta before living for almost a year in Cyprus. I do not consider myself English anymore and I know very little about what life is like there. Instead I prefer to consider myself a world citizen, someone who can travel, learn, and explore. Whilst I am proud of my Celtic/English heritage, it does not define me. I feel I have more to give in other places.

I came to Albania by chance, in 2017. My first impression of Albania was very positive; I loved the energy and the interesting aesthetic feel of the country. It instantly impressed me. I also had an incredibly warm welcome from Albanian people; this was something very special and was a big part of my decision to stay here. Home for me is Albania now. I don’t miss anything from the UK! Well... maybe I miss English bacon, clotted cream, and the shop “Lush”, but that is really it!

Apart from my job as a freelance writer, I try to work on charity and social issues; I am an activist particularly for the environment and women’s rights. I try to give back all that I can and to use the skills and influence that I have for a good purpose. I enjoy having the ability to make people see beautiful things in their country, that they may have previously taken for granted. These things give me immense happiness and a feeling of purpose - I thrive from them and this motivates me every day.

To all my fellow Britons, there is a piece of advice that I would like to give: There is a whole world out there — go, explore, learn, travel, drink in the experiences that life has for you, meet people from every culture and background and expand your mind beyond what the media tells you.

And to my fellow Albanians, I would like to say that whilst life may be hard for many of you, you are so blessed in a number of other ways. Your culture, your character, the beautiful surroundings that you inhabit — you have more in many ways than the countries you dream of escaping to. Remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side."

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