Joseph Castillo

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"I see myself graduating and traveling to other countries"
Joseph Castillo
Estudiante de Diseño
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My name is Joseph Castillo, I am 21 years old and I live in Argentina. I study image and sound design at the University of Buenos Aires, a beautiful career that I couldn't find in Peru. This, the desire to have higher education and overcome myself, were the reasons why I decided to migrate.

Coming to Argentina was a very difficult process because I am very attached to my family. The last day I was with them I began to cry over the idea that I would not see them as often as before. It is a great step that one takes, deciding to migrate. Although I always had the support of my loved ones, being alone is quite different; It is a strong change.

I miss many things about Peru. The customs, for example. In Argentina I had to get used to their culture and everyday life. But what I miss most is Peruvian food. I will always want a “pollo a la brasa” (Peruvian grilled chicken) or a delicious “ceviche” (Peruvian seafood), but here it is difficult to find such Peruvian dishes. Peru has the best food in the world!

In the future I see myself graduating and traveling to other countries. I want to learn more about cinematography, to work on more productions, and to take many photographs with different themes.