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"I believe in being open minded about migrants and different cultures."
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"When I was about four years old my family moved from the Philippines to Australia and we’ve been here since then. A part of my childhood took place in the Philippines and another part in Darwin, Australia. People are very friendly in Darwin, it’s a very multicultural place. I have great memories of my childhood in both places.

Being born overseas but growing up in Australia has given me a different perspective. I have my Pilipino background but I have spent all my schooling years in Australia. This combination has given me a valuable understanding of being a migrant in this culture. I can bridge that understanding between new migrants and Australians.

I now live in Sydney and work in the private sector. Since there are not a lot of people in my sector who have a migrant background, especially in high-level positions, I’m challenged to encourage those who do to seek higher positions in the private sector.

I believe in being open minded about migrants and different cultures. I have a really big appreciation for food from around the world. People often use food to learn about other people’s culture, and if you don’t have many migrant friends, I recommend using food as a way to learn more about their background and make new friends."

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