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"Whenever I leave Australia I want to come back straight away. That tells me that my heart is here now."
Ana Maria
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"My name is Ana Maria Vega, and I am from Colombia. I moved to Australia to be with my husband who is from here.

Australia is a beautiful country and very organised, that was one of the first things I noticed. There are many things here that are different compared to my country: people are a little more reserved, while in Colombia people are very open about their feelings and there’s a lot of spontaneity. People express all their feelings, happiness and even anger.  

It’s hard for me to describe the best thing about Australia, I find that there are so many to choose from! I like the order in this country, politically and socially, and the fact that there are many opportunities for everyone. I like that people are very polite. If I had to talk of all the good things about Australia, I would probably never finish!

I bring my background, my culture, personality and professional skills to Australia. I’ve been lucky to have very good work opportunities; I currently work in an airline company as a corporate executive and I’m proud to work for an employer that gives migrants opportunities to be part of the workforce and contribute to this country. I want to prove that we can make Australia better, and even though it’s already a beautiful country, I can keep providing better ideas, skills and experience. I want to keep working here, continue being part of the workforce, and keep developing professionally.

I didn’t speak English when I came to Australia, I could just say a basic “hello,” and that was a big challenge. It is so important to know the language of the place you move to. It makes a big difference in your adaptation. If your English is not good like mine was at the beginning, that makes communication harder.

But now Canberra is home for me. A few years ago I would still call Colombia my home, I love my country and I miss my family, but now whenever I leave Australia I want to come back straight away. That tells me that my heart is here now."

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