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Photo credit: IOM/Elizabeth Wilkins

12,624 kmfrom home
"As refugees, we were limited to what we could plan and do. In Australia we feel like we belong. We are not waiting anymore."
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Democratic Republic of the Congo

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"I was born in Congo and lived there until I was around 11 years old. I have very few memories of my life in Congo but I know my family had cows and I loved the weather. Those are the few things I remember about home.

After Rwanda, the war came also to Congo. I moved with my parents, brothers and sisters to a refugee camp in Rwanda. I lived in the refugee camp for nearly 20 years. I finished school in the refugee camp and later completed a university degree in Finance. Soon after I graduated, I got a job in the administration department of the university.

In the refugee camp I met my now wife. In 2010, before we got married, she came to Australia as a refugee, but we stayed in touch. In 2015 we got married and after 3 months I came to live with her in Australia. We now have a beautiful daughter.

When I first arrived in Australia I remember I was surprised that everyone had a car; Africa is different, and even if you have a good job you don’t necessarily have a car. But the only thing that mattered was that we were here to stay.  We were only supposed to live temporarily in Rwanda as refugees, we were waiting all the time, limited to what we could plan and do. In Australia we feel like we belong. We are not waiting anymore.

I’m happy for the opportunities I have in Australia, but I also miss my family. I moved with my wife but I had to leave my parents, brothers and sisters behind. I visit them every now and then, but I miss them every day. I now dream of getting an job in administration. I’m planning to go to university and after that I will look for a better job. I want a good life for my wife and daughter."

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