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"Moving was easier than I thought because we had the support of many people who also migrated to this town."
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"I was born and raised in Beijing, and worked there for some time as an editor with a population and economics journal. My husband and I have two kids, one is six and the other is two years old. A year ago we moved to Goulburn, Australia for my husband’s job in a windfarm nearby. I decided to resign from my job in Beijing and sign up for this adventure. I feel happy and lucky to be settled in Australia. Goulburn is a nice and peaceful town, people are happy to help each other and I enjoy making new friends. Moving was easier than I thought because we had the support of many people who also migrated to this town.

I miss many things from China. I miss Beijing and its historical sites. I’m excited to take my children back to visit the famous spots I grew up in and explain their heritage. They can be confused sometimes as to why they are different and about where they come from. But they enjoy the new friends and meeting new people.

My life has changed so much since moving to Australia. I’m impressed with the lifestyle of Goulburn and the quality time I get to spend with my family. In my country I used to work late nights and even weekends. Here I don’t feel that I need a lot. Life became simpler and I can focus on my marriage, my children and myself. I feel very lucky.

I’m planning someday again to go back to my career in the news industry. I know it can be difficult to achieve this in a foreign country, but I am taking steps now for what may come in the future. Meanwhile I will continue to enjoy the time I have to spend with my family in Australia."

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