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"Wherever you are living, you should commit fully to living in it by creating a life you love there. Happiness doesn’t knock at your door!"
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"I was born in Australia of an Indian mother who came to Australia 45 years ago, when she met and married my father. A few decades later, I met my soon to be husband from Switzerland and so I too moved for love to Lucerne, in Switzerland. We had planned to live between countries, spending 2 or 3 years in each, but found this rather draining and difficult.

After the first few months of excitement died down, I settled into a homesickness that lasted more than a year. I actually had a good job and so did my husband, we were well off, had a nice apartment, could travel, but I was not happy. I kept thinking about the things I missed in Perth, my hometown – the cafes, the weather, the beaches, my family and friends, the ease of communicating in my native language and even the loud drunks.

I guess the biggest thing for me was feeling isolated, which is ironic because Perth is actually the most isolated city in the world and Luzern is in the middle of Europe! But I guess you always miss what you don’t have, and the day came when I finally had to make the choice as to what I would miss most. Could I really leave Perth forever, have kids and settle in Switzerland? After two years, I decided to return.

I am lucky that I had the choice. The majority of women in this world don’t have the same options that I had – to return home divorced and still be a respected member of society and accepted by my family and friends, and to be able to work and to be paid well doing fulfilling work that I love and provide for myself.

The world needs women like us who have options and who can help others who don’t. Together we will rise. We have to release all that is holding us back which, all that is keeping us from stepping out and doing good in the world. I am now coaching women to be “powerfully feminine” and I show them how capable (and awesome) women are, everywhere. 

I believe that wherever you are living, you should commit fully to living in it by creating a life you love there. If you miss something from home – some feeling, a sense of community, friendship – you have to go out and actively seek it and create it. Usually it doesn’t come knocking at your front door!"


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Mireille Parker coaches women, wherever they are, wherever they come from. Facebook.

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