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"Keep focusing on your goals and never forget happiness and hope, even if you are thousand kilometers away from home."
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"We will never forget the day we landed at Sydney airport. We packed our whole life in two pieces of luggage. Despite having no family and friends in Australia, we had so much hope and enthusiasm to build a better future.

I spent 8 years of my childhood during the Iran & Iraq war, yet I believe migration was one of the most valuable and toughest experiences in my life. Starting our lives from scratch, demonstrating our skills and building trust in the new country was not that easy. Migration definitely broadens our horizons. Every day is about learning something new, especially in a multicultural country like Australia.

We always remember those days when, as newly arrived migrants, my husband sent 100 job applications per week. He is a senior qualified engineer but just one company got back to him within a 6 month period. At the moment he is a successful manager in the second biggest mining company in Australia, and I currently have the privilege to assist other migrants in Australia & Pacific region. My dream is to assist more migrants on a global scale and see their success and happiness.

We both strongly believe that when there’s a will, there is a way.  Keep focusing on your goals and never forget happiness and hope, even if you are thousand kilometres away from home and family, even if you need to work so hard to learn the new language and culture. Statistics indicate that the majority of migrants become successful and productive in their new countries and that they actively contribute to build their second home for future generations.”

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