Silvia Plácido Bauer

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“Being a migrant taught me to do my best”
Silvia Plácido Bauer
Auxiliar en Turismo y Hotelería
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My name is Silvia, I am Peruvian, and I was born in Pozuzo, Pasco. At home, my grandparents spoke to me in my mother tongue, Quechua. They always told me that if I understood Quechua it would be easier to learn any other language. They were right. It was very easy for me to learn German with my school teacher, Miss Delfina Randolf.

I moved to Lima and there I lived 9 years with my mother, my brother Alejandro, and my dear Ari, my puppy. I studied Tourism and Hotelery and, like every Peruvian who wants to excel, I worked. I became a mother when I was very young, I was 18 years old. My son is one of my great reasons to be able to make every effort and move on. Years passed, and I decided to study a second career: Gastronomy.

Currently, I am dedicated to gastronomy in Austria. I have been working in the kitchen of a hotel for 8 months, very close to the mountains in Tyrol. Here, they welcomed me as part of their family. I started helping decorate the dishes and washing the services. You get tired being in that area, but at the same time it is a great experience, because I was getting to know more about the business. I started to present new decoration and dessert options to my boss and she liked the idea. Now I am responsible for the desserts and I prepare a large part of them, always with a Peruvian touch. Now I'm saving, because I wish to go to Madrid and continue my training in high bakery.

I want to start sending seeds from a tree called Kiri to my dad, Constantine. Kiri is known as the "Empress Tree" and has become popular for its CO2 consumption properties and rapid growth. My wish is that he sows them in Pozuzo and tell me how it grows.

Being a migrant taught me to do my best, respecting the country that opened its doors to me. Always with a smile, always politely with everyone, because I think you represent your country wherever you go. It is sad to be away from my dear Peru and my dear family, but I thank God and life for all that I have achieved in this beautiful country that has become my new home.

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