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"In my opinion, one can only benefit from living in a different country."
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Constanze came to Belarus a few months ago, just after her graduation in Germany. She is participating in a voluntary programme of the League of Youth Voluntary Service and works at “Belarusian Children’s Hospice”, a charity helping terminally ill children.

"I thought it would be really difficult for me. But when I see these kids, I realize that they are just as wonderful as other children.

Among the countries available for this program (France, Spain, Russia, Belarus), Constanze chose Belarus.

"I wanted to see a country which would be different from Germany, and Belarus seemed to be just like that. Of course, in the beginning I was afraid to move here for a full year. I thought that I would not find friends, that I wouldn’t be able to do sports here and that, in general, it would be very difficult to adapt to the new culture and lifestyle.

The only thing that made me more or less confident was my knowledge of Russian: my parents moved to Germany from Kazakhstan, so I could already speak Russian. When I arrived, everything turned out to be the exact opposite of my fears. I felt really at ease here.

I love Belarus, it is cozy and very hospitable: if you are a guest somewhere you will not leave until without having a cup of tea with sweets first. I’m convinced that in a year I will be able to call Belarus my second home. And it goes without saying that I will recommend my friends to visit Belarus. In my opinion one can only benefit from living in a different country".

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