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"There is a lot of sacrifices to do, but we have to set our long term targets & objectives. It was not easy at all, but I did not give up."
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“I come from Tunisia and I currently live in Brussels. I moved for the first time in 1970 when I was only nine months old with my family. My father worked in a textile company during nine years and when I was nine years old, we went back to Tunisia.

Home to me is Tunisia and Malta as well, I moved there for about three years, maybe because it is close to Tunisia. It makes me feel like I am in the middle of people who look like me. We speak almost the same language, we share the same food and weather. If I were honest, I’m only here in Belgium for professional reasons, without the work I would go back to Tunisia or look for another position in Malta.

I miss the sea, the sun, my friends, and my language as well, I don’t have the opportunity to speak Tunisian arabic here. I miss hearing the calls of the Mosque in the morning, the sound of our folkloric music and of course the food.

The most interesting thing about migration is that you get to learn how other cultures are living and what they are doing on a daily basis. I am very curious about how they live their daily lives. When I go to a new country I see how people react, how they live outside, what their customs are. It’s just being a little bit curious about the life of other people around you.

Migrate? Yes, I would recommend it to acquire knowledge and to learn because migration is also about learning. We are learning from different cases. It is always very difficult to migrate, especially when you live alone without family. In my case, I came here in 1994, I was completely alone without any resources or funds, I had to work and stop my studies and it was very difficult. Several times I wanted to give up but I always found a new force inside me that made me stronger.

There is also a lot of sacrifices to do, but we have to set our long term targets and objectives and try to reach them by following the reasonable rules and the best path in order to achieve them and get a better and decent life. In my time it was not easy at all, but I did not give up.

At first I came here just to get a university degree and buy a car and then return back home, but now I’ve been here for about 22 years and I do not regret it!”

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