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"Migration will always be a beautiful thing if we invest in it."
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“My parents and grand-parents have travelled through Morocco, Europe and Belgium, just to be able to establish a new life. This gave me the chance to develop myself in a much better way than I could have ever done in Morocco.

Leaving your home country is a struggle for most people: It leaves an important part of you behind while finding a new identity and a new place for yourself in another country. It is a very dual thing, it is both intriguing and beautiful.

Developing yourself in two different cultures or two different countries it is an absolute added value. You understand so much more of the world, it makes you so much stronger. To me, home is where the heart is. I believe I still have a certain emotional tie with Morocco however my past, present and future is in Belgium.

I love getting a grasp of how people with different mindsets look at the world and knowing how people born and raised with different cultural and religious backgrounds experience things!

There is an enormous pile of opportunities linked to migration: a diversity of backgrounds, languages, cultures. Migrants can be an absolute added value if we choose to see the opportunities they represent without denying the challenges. It can and will always be a beautiful thing if we invest in it.”