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"If my education wasn’t saved, could have I made all these achievements?"
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Cote d'Ivoire

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“I am from Benin Republic, but I was born in Ivory Coast. In 1980, my parents immigrated to Ivory Coast for their business where I lived from my birth to 2009. In 2009, when I earned my baccalaureate degree, Ivory Coast was facing political crisis. To save my education, my parents decided that I would go to Benin for university.

When I arrived in Benin, although it is my home country, I was homesick and felt alone, I often remembered my parents. One day, a classmate asked me: " Nestor, are you Ivorian or Beninese?’’ I was confused and before I could answer, another friend replied "Nestor came from Ivory Coast, because of the war." That very day, I realized that I am a refugee in my own country, whereas in Ivory Coast I considered myself a migrant. 

Currently I live in Benin, but when I am on holiday I regularly go back to Ivory Coast to visit my parents and my Ivorian friends. Furthermore, I have some exciting experiences in Benin. Since I came here I got very involved in helping create a better world. I have received numerous awards for my leadership and commitment. 

In 2016, I have been selected as one of the 16 Young Leaders of the world by the European Commission. In that regard, I attended the European Development Days in Brussels in this same year I received the award of Ten Outstanding Young Person in Benin (TOYP).

I think that these awards honor my country Benin and make my Ivorian friends proud as well. but one question comes to my mind: If my education wasn’t saved, could’ve I made all these achievements?

As for me, to achieve my dream in helping create the best world possible, I would like to travel around the world to learn more about other cultures. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe, in the future, I will leave Benin for another country.

I believe that we are all from everywhere, but also from nowhere.’”  

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