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"My goal is to make french and english accessible to less privileged people."
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I lived and worked in Switzerland for about 17 years and things were going well. But when my father passed away and the company I worked for went bankrupt, I thought it was time to return to my country and my family. I wanted to have my mother by my side and the support of my relatives. This is what triggered my decision to return.

Speaking different languages is so important nowadays. It’s a pity that this privilege is not accessible to everyone. I had the chance to learn French and English when I was abroad, and now I want to enable less privileged people to have access to this knowledge by establishing my own language school in my home city.

This was my dream, however things were not that easy. Upon my return, I suffered serious medical conditions that forced me to postpone my plans for an entire year. Once I recovered, I couldn’t wait to finally plan each detail of my school. I received support to pay for rent and buy furniture and school material. It made the official opening of the school an unforgettable memory.

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