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"The cultural difference does not matter if you love each other, which makes life beautiful."
Owner of small business/Cultural mediator for the Afghan community
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Said has been in Bulgaria for 29 years. He is married to a Bulgarian woman and has two daughters. He runs a small business and also works as a cultural mediator for the Afghan community in Sofia, Bulgaria's Capital city.

“My wife is Bulgarian and I am from Afghanistan. The cultural difference does not matter if you love each other, which makes life beautiful. Afghans and Bulgarians are alike, for example if you ask someone something they immediately will give you advice and help you. Also, every Afghan loves their homeland. They are not just accustomed to the land, they see it as fate and are honored to be settled there. They are adapted to the big changes and have become part of the country.

I graduated from an American college in Kabul after which I joined the military service in Afghanistan. A friend of mine told me very beautiful stories about Bulgaria and I decided I wanted to study there. From the ministry they tried to send me to East Germany, because a lot of people speak German and only eight million know Bulgarian. Nevertheless, I went to Bulgaria. I waited one year to get the call, after which I arranged the necessary documents and finally a date had been set for me to leave.

I arrived and started a course at the university to learn the Bulgarian language. I continued studying, graduated from university and got married. Bulgaria feels like my second home and I have never regretted coming here instead of Germany. The last time I went back was in 1991, but because of the war I was not able to enter and was stopped at the border. The only thing I wanted was to see my father, so he came to the border to say goodbye. My brother, sister and other family members all live in Germany. I visit them every year, but when I get back and land at the airport in Sofia I feel better, because I am home again.”

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